Thank you to Associate Professor Glyn Harper and Harper Collins for their permission to print these names from Glyn's book Spring Offensive - New Zealand and the Second Battle of the Somme (Harper Collins 2003).

The following names are those who were killed or died from wounds between 23 March and 30 April 1918 and are taken from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission database, Casualty Lists 1918, and the NZEF Roll of Honour 1914-1918.

ABBOTT Marcus Claude Sapper 37596 NZTC 31Mar1918
ABSOLUM Norman William Leslie Private 42731 AklReg 26Mar1918
ADAM David Norrie Private 47296 CantReg 05Apr1918
ADAMSON Michael Ian L/Corporal 6/2520 CantReg 30Mar1918
ADDISON John Baxter Private 62222 CantReg 20Apr1918
AFFLECK David Norrie Private 14916 CantReg 25Apr1918
AITKEN Robert Francis Private 14044 CantReg 05Apr1918
AITKEN Stewart Alex (MM) L/Corporal 9/108 OMR 29Apr1918
ALDRED Ernest (MID x2) Corporal 28847 OtagoReg 24Apr1918
ALLAN John 2nd Lieut 6/1446 AklReg 27Mar1918
AMOS Thomas Alfred Gunner 17604 NZFA 18Apr1918
ANDERSON Albert Percy Private 63707 CantReg 21Apr1918
ANDERSON Henry Robert Richard L/Corporal 11378 AklReg 30Mar1918
ANDERSON John Private 14547 AklReg 26Mar1918
ANDERSON William Private 52552 WlgReg 05Apr1918
ANSELL William Henry Gunner 18254 NZFA 10Apr1918
ANSENNE Harold Montrose Montie Private 38643 AklReg 30Mar1918
APPLEYARD William Joseph Private 12/3240 AklReg 27Mar1918
ARMIGER Robert Henry Whitnall Corporal 35538 NZFA 20Apr1918
ARMSTRONG Purvis Ford Lieutenant 18581 NZRB 06Apr1918
ARNOLD Claude James (MM) Corporal 28951 NZRB 21Apr1918
ARTHUR Ernest William (MM) L/Sergeant 31455 CantReg 08Apr1918
ASHTON George Private 27197 CantReg 28Mar1918
ASKEW Lawrence Manson Private 21640 CantReg 23Apr1918
ASTBURY Horace Vernon Private 59580 CantReg 29Apr1918
AUSTIN Albert Henry Private 6/1454 CantReg 28Mar1918
BAGNALL Lemuel John Private 15093 AklReg 26Mar1918
BAIGENT John Wallace Private 46221 CantReg 29Mar1918
BAIKIE Robert Sherer Rifleman 38484 NZRB 28Mar1918
BAIRD Walter Snelling Private 56530 AklReg 26Mar1918
BAKER Joseph Rifleman 52359 NZRB 21Apr1918
BALLARD Walter James Private 28648 AklReg 30Mar1918
BARCLAY Allan Hunt Private 29723 AklReg 25Apr1918
BARKER Frederick Harrold Gunner 12896 NZFA 05Apr1918
BARKER George Thomas Rifleman 28954 NZRB 05Apr1918
BARKER John Leonard Private 36303 CantReg 28Mar1918
BARLOW James Roy Private 48614 AklReg 27Mar1918
BARNARD John Clifford Private 41466 CantReg 08Apr1918
BARNETT Godfrey Harry Steel Private 49503 CantReg 27Mar1918
BARRETT George Armitage Sergeant 31768 CantReg 28Mar1918
BARRY Garrett Private 60053 AklReg 20Apr1918
BARTHOLOMEW Kenneth Miller Rifleman 56717 NZRB 29Mar1918
BARTLETT Stanley Albert Private 49138 WlgReg 27Mar1918
BARTON Feodor Elfick Private 46813 AklReg 30Mar1918
BARTRUM Cyril Frederick Corporal 24/40 NZRB 05Apr1918
BATER Richard Norman Sergeant 12/2639 AklReg 26Mar1918
BAXTER Edgar George Rifleman 33815 NZRB 05Apr1918
BAYNE James John Rifleman 48896 NZRB 27Mar1918
BEARE Harvey Private 63816 AklReg 08Apr1918
BEATON James Private 40763 CantReg 24Apr1918
BEATTIE Donald L/Corporal 22919 NZRB 08Apr1918
BEATTIE Phillip Edward Private 47844 WlgReg 27Mar1918
BEATTY Arthur Private 10/2853 WlgReg 30Mar1918
BEATTY George L/Corporal 41718 NZRB 30Mar1918
BEATY John Scott Private 34009 NZEB 13Apr1918
BEAUMONT George Private 29591 OtagoReg 02Apr1918
BEEHAN Anselm Jerome 2nd Lieut 22909 NZRB 27Mar1918
BEEHRE Henry Malcolm Sergeant 12/2947 AklReg 17Apr1918
BELCHER George Private 28655 AklReg 30Mar1918
BELL Richard Norman Private 38646 WlgReg 27Mar1918
BELLISS Reginald Herbert Rifleman 26/437 NZRB 06Apr1918
BENNETT Edwin Private 45976 AklReg 16Apr1918
BENTLEY John Robert Private 56234 AklReg 26Mar1918
BERENDT George Philip L/Corporal 25/91 NZRB 31Mar1918
BERRY John Arthur Private 30164 NZEB 14Apr1918
BERRY Joseph Rifleman 47110 NZRB 26Mar1918
BETHELL Robert Private 45461 AklReg 31Mar1918
BETTELEY Frederick Private 15671 WlgReg 05Apr1918
BEWLEY Joseph Rifleman 47966 NZRB 05Apr1918
BIDDLE Edward John Gunner 10539 NZFA 17Apr1918
BIDMEAD John Verne Private 41713 WlgReg 30Mar1918
BILLING Ernest Alfred (MM) L/Corporal 10/3832 WlgReg 12Apr1918
BILLING Roy Gwen Private 31060 NZMGC 20Apr1918
BIRCH James Frederick Rifleman 54724 NZRB 05Apr1918
BIRCHALL Alfred Urmson L/Corporal 53121 NZRB 28Mar1918
BIRKETT William Arthur (MM) Sergeant 4/600 NZE 28Mar1918
BLACK Alfred Reginald Corporal 10208 WlgReg 30Mar1918
BLACK Harry Osborne Sergeant 10150 WlgReg 29Mar1918
BLACKBURN Reginald Evans Gunner 24972 NZFA 18Apr1918
BLACKIE Herbert William Private 58967 OtagoReg 30Apr1918
BLUETT Charles Private 31942 AklReg 27Mar1918
BLYTON Steven L/Corporal 22932 NZRB 05Apr1918
BODY Frank Private 48160 WlgReg 27Mar1918
BOGUN Charles Percival Private 13723 WlgReg 18Apr1918
BOLTON William Henry Private 12/3558 AklReg 17Apr1918
BOURK Edward Magnus Private 6/777 NZEB 16Apr1918
BOUSTEAD Samuel Private 52034 AklReg 26Mar1918
BOWLES William Bernard (MM) Sergeant 24/978 NZRB 06Apr1918
BOWYER Archibald Herbert Oliphant L/Corporal 38335 AklReg 01Apr1918
BOYCE John Stanley Rifleman 43911 NZRB 28Mar1918
BRACEWELL Walter Arthur Private 26780 NZMGC 27Mar1918
BRADLEY Richard Private 34016 OtagoReg 28Apr1918
BRAMLEY Hudson Armondp Private 54634 CantReg 28Apr1918
BRANIGAN Alexander Private 11210 NZEB 16Apr1918
BRAZIL Patrick Jeremiah Private 64616 NZEB 29Apr1918
BREEZE William Henry Private 39595 NZEB 17Apr1918
BRENNAN Stephen Private 14378 AklReg 26Mar1918
BREWER George Thomas Driver 30470 NZFA 05Apr1918
BRIANT Daniel Private 46515 OtagoReg 08Apr1918
BRITTAN Harold Rolleston 2nd Lieut 41213 NZRB 05Apr1918
BROOK Joseph L/Corporal 6/1788 NZRB 29Mar1918
BROWN Frederick Alexander Private 61035 CantReg 27Mar1918
BROWN James Private 62912 NZEB 16Apr1918
BROWN James Douglas Sergeant 12/948 AklReg 11Apr1918
BROWN Roderick Private 47309 CantReg 24Apr1918
BROWN Sydney Vincent Andrew Corporal 2/2075 NZFA 05Apr1918
BROWN William Rifleman 53752 NZRB 06Apr1918
BROWNE Evelyn James William Private 24485 NZCB 17Apr1918
BRUNT Arthur Private 29341 WlgReg 30Mar1918
BUCHLER Frederick Lancelot Captain 23/1575 NZRB 06Apr1918
BUFTON Sydney Lewis L/Corporal 43950 CantReg 18Apr1918
BULFIN George Frederick Rifleman 41964 NZRB 05Apr1918
BURDETT William Private 24459 AklReg 03Apr1918
BURN Gordon Stanley Private 11810 WlgReg 27Mar1918
BURNARD Harold Gordon Private 44826 AklReg 28Mar1918
BURNES James Allen Private 9/584 NZMGC 27Mar1918
BURNETT George Francis Rifleman 23/86 NZRB 05Apr1918
BURROWES William Private 27160 NZCB 17Apr1918
BUTLER Herbert Edward Sapper 4/1898 NZE 28Mar1918
BUTLER Joseph Connor Taylor Private 38655 WlgReg 27Mar1918
CAFFERY Joseph Private 11404 AklReg 29Mar1918
CAIN Andrew Gunner 2/2790 NZFA 14Apr1918
CAMERON James Private 33514 WlgReg 31Mar1918
CAMERON John Rifleman 46518 NZRB 26Mar1918
CAMERON Thomas Rifleman 25/1698 NZRB 30Apr1918
CAMERON Thomas Alexander Gunner 10/2540 NZFA 26Apr1918
CAMPBELL Murdock McLeod Private 32129 WlgReg 30Mar1918
CAMPBELL William John Gunner 13/2308 NZFA 08Apr1918
CAPON Martin (MM) Corporal 14398 CantReg 21Apr1918
CAPSTICK William George Private 41273 AklReg 26Mar1918
CARLSON Roland Rifleman 57028 NZRB 05Apr1918
CARPENTER Walter James Private 52148 AklReg 27Mar1918
CARR Edward Martin L/Corporal 36406 NZRB 27Mar1918
CARROLL Francis Corporal 14227 NZRB 30Mar1918
CARTER Richard Sapper 13561 NZE 06Apr1918
CASAR John Rudolph Private 23/1582 AklReg 31Mar1918
CASSIDY Samuel Robert Private 51556 WlgReg 30Mar1918
CAVALIER Victor George Private 49694 AklReg 31Mar1918
CHAPMAN Sidney Gibson Corporal 28579 AklReg 26Mar1918
CHEYNE George Barnett Rifleman 53903 NZRB 05Apr1918
CHRISTIE Maxwell Private 53653 AklReg 27Mar1918
CHRISTIE Rupert James Sapper 35093 NZE 28Mar1918
CLANACHAN William Private 52152 AklReg 27Mar1918
CLARK Frederick Arthur Driver 50294 NZFA 10Apr1918
CLARK James Private 29746 OtagoReg 16Apr1918
CLARK Percy Newton Private 49292 WlgReg 30Mar1918
CLARK William McLean Rifleman 53318 NZRB 06Apr1918
CLARK Willie Henry Private 51300 WlgReg 21Apr1918
CLARKE James Clifford Rifleman 53475 NZRB 31Mar1918
CLARKE James Spencer Private 58978 OtagoReg 09Apr1918
CLARKE Ralph John Gunner 12/320 NZFA 05Apr1918
CLARKSON William Francis L/Corporal 6/2107 CantReg 27Mar1918
CLEERE Richard Private 49526 CantReg 05Apr1918
CLINTON Thomas James Private 10783 NZCB 18Apr1918
CLIVE Percy David Private 31470 CantReg 14Apr1918
CLOTHIER Charles Augustus Rifleman 30346 NZRB 26Mar1918
COCHRANE John Rifleman 53737 NZRB 27Mar1918
COCHRANE Robert Private 54010 OtagoReg 28Apr1918
COLDICUTT George Lawrence Gunner 2/2979 NZFA 28Apr1918
COLE Kenneth McIntosh Sergeant 12714 NZFA 09Apr1918
COLEMAN Herbert Napier 2nd Lieut 36739 CantReg 13Apr1918
COLL Daniel L/Corporal 29148 CantReg 28Mar1918
COLLETT Stanley Beaconsfield Rifleman 25/1689 NZRB 05Mar1918
CONDON Vincent Henry Private 45478 CantReg 19Apr1918
CONDON William Francis Rifleman 18967 NZRB 03Apr1918
CONLEY Jacob Addey Private 40887 OtagoReg 31Mar1918
CONNELL Herbert L/Corporal 6/2984 CantReg 27Mar1918
CONNELLY John Thompson Rifleman 49874 NZRB 26Apr1918
CONNOR John Private 51106 WlgReg 02Apr1918
COOPER Arthur George L/Corporal 11837 WlgReg 27Mar1918
COOPER Mancel John Private 48174 CantReg 29Mar1918
CORIN Walter Henry Rifleman 25/1238 NZRB 27Mar1918
CORK Henry Raymond L/Corporal 38353 AklReg 28Mar1918
CORRIGAN Michael Private 13/2027 AklReg 30Mar1918
COSTER Alfred Cyril Clifford Private 52582 WlgReg 30Mar1918
COTTER Humphrey Private 24/1962 CantReg 05Apr1918
COTTINGHAM Henry John Rifleman 58745 NZRB 05Apr1918
COURTNEY Robert Rifleman 56747 NZRB 05Apr1918
COX Clifford Private 47862 AklReg 26Mar1918
COX Wilfred James Lieutenant 41180 AklReg 27Mar1918
CRAWFORD George Philip Rifleman 24/1963 NZRB 05Apr1918
CREAMER Leonard Rifleman 46440 NZRB 18Apr1918
CRIPPS Victor George Rifleman 56741 NZRB 06Apr1918
CROKER Eric Robert Irving Corporal 39027 NZEB 16Apr1918
CRONIN Edward James Private 51696 WlgReg 03Apr1918
CRONIN Thomas Private 1/607 NZRB 30Mar1918
CROPP Alfred William Private 54015 OtagoReg 27Apr1918
CROPP Walter Charles Corporal 51969 NZEB 14Apr1918
CROWHURST Francis Ernest Private 60080 AklReg 20Apr1918
CUFF Robert William Private 54121 CantReg 05Apr1918
CULLINGHAM Arthur James Sapper 4/1728 NZE 28Mar1918
CUMMINS Frank Roland Private 43958 CantReg 23Apr1918
CUNNINGHAM Frederick James L/Corporal 13425 CantReg 31Mar1918
CURTIS Ronald Henry Private 20110 NZCB 27Apr1918
CUTHBERTSON Douglas MacPherson Captain 2/1384 NZFA 30Mar1918
DALLEY Stanley Miles Clifford L/Corporal 14952 CantReg 05Apr1918
DANRELL Samuel Innis Private 28688 AklReg 31Mar1918
DAVIE Harry Percy Claude (MM) 2nd Lieut 11/243 NZFA 23Apr1918
DAVIES Milton William Private 29229 CantReg 27Mar1918
DAVIS Albert Edward Sapper 4/1913 NZE 29Apr1918
DAVIS Eric Nathaniel Sergeant 8/2513 OtagoReg 05Apr1918
DAVIS John Private 47992 CantReg 29Apr1918
DAVY Alfred Charles Private 31974 AklReg 26Mar1918
DAWES James Private 49074 AklReg 27Mar1918
DAWSON James Gunner 43473 NZFA 17Apr1918
DE CENT Kenneth Owen Captain 23471 OtagoReg 12Apr1918
DE LUEN Frederick (MM) Sergeant 12/2995 AklReg 26Mar1918
DEED Guylott Henry Jackson Private 51698 AklReg 26Mar1918
DELANEY William Thomas Rifleman 53328 NZRB 30Mar1918
DELLOW Arthur John L/Corporal 12148 NZRB 05Apr1918
DENT George Bates Gunner 43076 NZFA 27Mar1918
DERBYSHIRE William Frederick L/Corporal 20974 NZRB 28Mar1918
DEVITT John Private 45481 AklReg 30Mar1918
DEXTER Albert Private 25209 AklReg 27Mar1918
DICKESON Colin Addison (MC) Lieutenant 24/2128 NZCB 26Apr1918
DICKIE Eric Stanley Gordon Gunner 43960 NZFA 22Apr1918
DICKIE John Duncan Private 51018 WlgReg 05Apr1918
DICKSON Herbert Alexander Private 12/2991 AklReg 30Mar1918
DOAK David John Wilson L/Corporal 7/2376 WlgReg 30Mar1918
DOBSON John Sergeant 12158 NZRB 05Apr1918
DOGGETT Alfred Cedric Rifleman 53329 NZRB 29Mar1918
DOHERTY Charles Rifleman 42479 NZRB 07Apr1918
DONALDSON Ian Douglas Rifleman 25688 NZRB 05Apr1918
DOUGLAS Earl George Gunner 11/2083 NZFA 17Apr1918
DOUGLAS William Private 29750 WlgReg 06Apr1918
DOULL James Rifleman 53330 NZRB 05Apr1918
DOWD John Rifleman 51356 NZRB 26Mar1918
DOYLE Thomas Francis Rifleman 49879 NZRB 31Mar1918
DRAKE Francis George Private 42058 AklReg 27Mar1918
DRISCOLL Thomas Private 52972 WlgReg 27Mar1918
DRIVER Benjamin Henry Private 59510 OtagoReg 28Mar1918
DRUMMOND Peter Rifleman 45195 NZRB 09Apr1918
DRYSDALE Thomas John Hirst 2nd Lieut 4/95A NZRB 06Apr1918
DUFF George Kenneth L/Corporal 4/1041 NZE 28Mar1918
DUFFEY Frederick Sergeant 23/739 NZRB 05Apr1918
DUGGAN James Private 33525 WlgReg 30Mar1918
DUNBAR John David Private 54123 OtagoReg 07Apr1918
DUNCAN Alexander Private 47550 NZEB 14Apr1918
DUNCAN John Rifleman 56568 NZRB 29Mar1918
DUNGEY Alfred Hugh Rifleman 47716 NZRB 12Apr1918
DUNNET John Clouston Captain 21214 NZFA 05Apr1918
DURAND James Douglas Gerald Hay SSM WOI 5/41 NZASC 26Apr1918
DURNETT Robert Private 63576 NZEB 14Apr1918
DUROSE Harold Private 37998 WlgReg 23Apr1918
DWYER Thomas Byrne Sergeant 6/1277 CantReg 07Apr1918
EBBITT George Rifleman 42309 NZRB 05Apr1918
EDGAR Jesse Corporal 6/3308 CantReg 27Apr1918
EDMONDSON Tyson Private 48629 AklReg 28Mar1918
EDWARDS Herbert James Private 41969 AklReg 26Mar1918
EDWARDS Ralph Cyril Private 61128 NZEB 14Apr1918
EGGLESTON William Dobson Corporal 25993 NZRB 30Mar1918
ELLIS James Private 63579 NZEB 27Apr1918
ELLISON John Private 38368 AklReg 26Mar1918
ENGELBRECHT John Corporal 15886 NZRB 29Mar1918
ERICKSEN Eric Axel Carl Johanes L/Corporal 30191 OtagoReg 31Mar1918
ERLANDSSON Frank Gustave Private 45169 OtagoReg 03Apr1918
ERNEST David Private 52398 WE 03Apr1918
EVANS Thomas Harry Rifleman 32835 NZRB 30Mar1918
EWEN George Taylor L/Corporal 22960 NZRB 07Apr1918
FABLING John Rifleman 25/176 NZRB 05Apr1918
FABRIN Peter Hans Jorgen Private 51157 CantReg 27Apr1918
FAIRLIE Godfrey Alexander Corporal 16/982 NZMB 05Apr1918
FAIRWEATHER William Frederick Private 48630 AklReg 28Mar1918
FARRA Edward St Clair Private 32644 OtagoReg 02Apr1918
FARRINGTON Martin John L/Corporal 91442 OtagoReg 26Apr1918
FAUL Michael Joseph Private 59883 CantReg 27Mar1918
FEATHER William Henry Private 55462 CantReg 27Mar1918
FEEK Gordon Stanley Private 29381 WlgReg 30Mar1918
FEIERABEND Percy Harold Private 63847 AklReg 13Apr1918
FENTON John Gilmore Private 52400 AklReg 27Mar1918
FIFIELD Edward Rifleman 53768 NZRB 14Apr1918
FISHER Charles Forbes Private 62802 CantReg 05Apr1918
FISHER Orr Private 25/624 NZCB 25Apr1918
FITZELL Robert Thomas Private 47871 WlgReg 14Apr1918
FITZGERALD Edward Rifleman 53168 NZRB 30Mar1918
FITZGIBBON Edward Private 55467 CantReg 05Apr1918
FITZPATRICK Michael Bernard Private 39468 CantReg 18Apr1918
FLEMING John Furness L/Corporal 12167 NZRB 06Apr1918
FLETCHER Harold Joseph Private 30194 NZEB 14Apr1918
FOGARTY John Francis Private 34572 NZMGC 05Apr1918
FOLEY William Sapper 28452 NZE 06Apr1918
FORBES William Roland Sergeant 25285 AklReg 04Apr1918
FORREST Ernest Albert Private 60098 AklReg 27Mar1918
FOSTER Bertie Private 14090 CantReg 19Apr1918
FOTHERGILL Frederick James Private 38681 AklReg 27Mar1918
FOWLER William Richard Private 52405 WlgReg 05Apr1918
FOX Benjamin Rifleman 53171 NZRB 05Apr1918
FOX James Private 25504 WlgReg 11Ap1918
FRANCE Herbert Private 42316 AklReg 26Mar1918
FRANCIS Frank Private 8/1984 OtagoReg 13Apr1918
FRANKE Alfred Corporal 12375 AklReg 30Mar1918
FRANKHAM Walter Ethelbert Rifleman 52185 NZRB 04Apr1918
FRYER William CQMS 25844 NZEB 14Apr1918
FULTON Harry Townsend (CMG, DSO) Brig Gen 23/1 NZRB 29Mar1918
FULTON Samuel Innis Private 49079 AklReg 29Mar1918
FUNKE Harold Henry Corporal 12/4529 WlgReg 27Mar1918
FYFE Jacob Private 45088 OtagoReg 09Apr1918
GADD Herbert Private 31988 AklReg 27Mar1918
GAFFANEY Peter Michael (MM) Sergeant 24/431 NZRB 05Apr1918
GARMONSWAY Harold Gordon Private 56589 AklReg 27Mar1918
GARRICK James Rifleman 49239 NZRB 31Mar1918
GAYLOR Henry Charles Douglas Rifleman 41188 NZRB 27Mar1918
GEAR James Henry Nicholson Private 53581 OtagoReg 05Apr1918
GEISOW Robert William Private 34852 OtagoReg 19Apr1918
GEORGE Bret Rowland Private 46332 AklReg 26Mar1918
GEORGE Ernest John L/Corporal 22009 NZMGC 27Mar1918
GIBB Robert Private 32659 OtagoReg 05Apr1918
GIBBS James Ernest Rifleman 53773 NZRB 06Apr1918
GIFFORD Arthur Harold Private 46182 CantReg 12Apr1918
GILHAM William Claude Private 60931 CantReg 29Mar1918
GILL Benjamin Private 48634 AklReg 30Mar1918
GILL Frederick Benjamin Private 29244 CantReg 14Apr1918
GILL Harry Rifleman 38153 NZRB 05Apr1918
GILMOUR John Kenneth Murray Sergeant 2/312 NZFA 24Apr1918
GIRLING-BUTCHER Walter Lancelot Lieutenant 8/4064 OtagoReg 31Mar1918
GLENDINNING John Private 28460 WlgReg 27Mar1918
GODFREY Edward Francis Rifleman 25851 NZRB 05Apr1918
GODLEY William Percival L/Corporal 46335 AklReg 03Apr1918
GOLD Albert Private 25/1126 NZCB 25Apr1918
GOLDSMITH John Richard Rifleman 54349 NZRB 05Apr1918
GOODWIN Reginald Charles Rifleman 54741 NZRB 05Apr1918
GORDON Herbert Thomas Sergeant 26/795 NZRB 29Mar1918
GOULSTONE John William Private 48493 WlgReg 30Mar1918
GRAHAM Francis Joseph Rifleman 45619 NZRB 05Apr1918
GRAHAM George Henning L/Corporal 18650 NZRB 06Apr1918
GRAHAM Hugh Rifleman 53350 NZRB 05Apr1918
GRANT Arnold Eric Private 31838 WlgReg 27Mar1918
GRANT David Albert Private 27498 OtagoReg 07Apr1918
GRAY Eric Andrew Private 15527 CantReg 27Mar1918
GRAY George Patrick L/Corporal 31628 AklReg 26Mar1918
GRAY William Alexander (MM) Sergeant 10/2429 WlgReg 01Apr1918
GREEN Donald Benjamin Captain 3/324 CantReg 05Apr1918
GREEN Edward Rifleman 54499 NZRB 29Mar1918
GREEN Francis Alfred Private 47589 NZEB 19Apr1918
GREENWOOD Joseph Elliott Private 48494 WlgReg 30Mar1918
GREIG Arthur Ernest L/Corporal 46018 NZEB 13Apr1918
GRIEBEL George Julius Private 45002 CantReg 05Apr1918
GROVES Sidney Thomas James Private 52415 AklReg 26Mar1918
GRUBB William John (MM) Sergeant 2/1348 NZFA 18Apr1918
GUBBINS Launcelot Russell 2nd Lieut 2/746 NZFA 23Apr1918
GUEST John L/Corporal 15714 WlgReg 18Apr1918
GUILFORD Walter Rifleman 21820 NZRB 27Mar1918
GURR Frank Corporal 44638 NZRB 29Mar1918
GUTHRIE Leonard Private 6/3723 CantReg 27Mar1918
GUY Walter Alexander Cochrane Private 25996 CantReg 27Mar1918
GWYNNE James Herbert Private 63863 AklReg 04Apr1918
HAINES Henry Francis Sergeant 12/2313 NZMGC 27Mar1918
HAIR Harold Gilbert Lieutenant 26/1549 AklReg 26Mar1918
HALL William Gordon Corporal 26743 OtagoReg 20Apr1918
HALLAM Herbert John L/Sergeant 30205 CantReg 18Apr1918
HALLIDAY John Private 27280 AklReg 27Mar1918
HALLY Colin (MC) Lieutenant 23935 NZMGC 06Apr1918
HAMILTON Albert Stanley Private 11/1803 WlgReg 03Apr1918
HAMILTON Archibald Ferguson Private 52201 AklReg 26Mar1918
HAMILTON Noel Private 39527 WlgReg 27Mar1918
HAMMOND Lewis Benjamin Private 12106 CantReg 05Apr1918
HANDLEY Thomas Michael Private 52419 WlgReg 03Apr1918
HANSEN Ivan Roy Private 31125 AklReg 26Mar1918
HARNEY Daniel Joseph Rifleman 21833 NZRB 05Apr1918
HARPER Lawrence Alfred Sergeant 26/1188 NZRB 05Apr1918
HARPER Norman Robert 2nd Lieut 6/645 CantReg 15Apr1918
HARRIS Hubert Raymond Rifleman 22978 NZRB 05Apr1918
HARRIS Raymond Edward Private 10827 NZCB 18Apr1918
HARRIS Roy Captain 3/3071 NZMC 05Apr1918
HARTLAND John Leslie Private 56592 AklReg 31Mar1918
HARVEY James Private 63150 OtagoReg 03Apr1918
HASLETT George Private 10/3900 WlgReg 27Mar1918
HASTIE George Private 37815 OtagoReg 12Apr1918
HATWELL Francis Aloysius Ligouiri Private 4/132 CantReg 24Apr1918
HAYCOCK Arthur Rifleman 26/449 NZRB 05Apr1918
HAYES William James Rifleman 8/4347 NZRB 27Mar1918
HAYHOE James Parker Private 12/3888 AklReg 30Mar1918
HEANEY Robert Thomas Driver 2/1353 NZFA 18Apr1918
HEATON Edward Denys Hornby Rifleman 40148 NZRB 28Mar1918
HEDLUND Andrew Kennith Private 40564 AklReg 30Mar1918
HEGAN George William Thomas Rifleman 32332 NZRB 06Apr1918
HENDERSON William Alexander Private 48876 CantReg 05Apr1918
HENDLE Leonard Henry Sergeant 2/49 NZFA 10Apr1918
HENRY James Walton Private 42844 OtagoReg 02Apr1918
HERBERT Charles Leicester James Rifleman 40749 NZRB 01Apr1918
HERRON John Private 23491 OtagoReg 16Apr1918
HEWITT Archibald Frank Rifleman 39051 NZRB 05Apr1918
HICKINBOTTOM Bruce Glover Sergeant 11667 CantReg 23Apr1918
HIGGIE Colin Leslie Private 51255 WlgReg 02Apr1918
HIGGINS James Private 53012 WlgReg 11Apr1918
HILL Alexander Private 59898 WlgReg 14Apr1918
HILL George Dominic Private 55494 NZEB 19Apr1918
HILL George John Private 53859 NZEB 14Apr1918
HILL James McClintock Private 12546 AklReg 30Mar1918
HILL Thomas Moody Private 40316 AklReg 26Mar1918
HILLOCK Thomas Private 47331 CantReg 29Mar1918
HINCHCO Alfred Private 14261 AklReg 27Mar1918
HINTZ Amil Rifleman 51842 NZRB 06Apr1918
HODGSON Thomas Corless Sergeant 10749 NZCB 23Apr1918
HODSON Victor Emanuel Private 5/29 NZCB 17Apr1918
HOGBEN Herbert McLachlan Private 62313 CantReg 27Mar1918
HOGG John Anthony Private 52425 WlgReg 14Apr1918
HOGG Thomas Private 30948 AklReg 27Mar1918
HOLLAND John Patrick Rifleman 24/447 NZRB 29Mar1918
HONEY William Redmund Private 49543 CantReg 05Apr1918
HOOPER George Septimus Private 3/3046 NZMC 24Mar1918
HOOPER Reginald Private 12/4536 AklReg 27Mar1918
HORAN John Rifleman 26621 NZRB 16Apr1918
HORNE John Charles Fitter 13189 NZFA 20Apr1918
HOTHERSALL Edward James Private 39660 AklReg 03Apr1918
HOWARD James Mann Rifleman 52610 NZRB 21Apr1918
HUDSON George Henry Private 41557 CantReg 28Mar1918
HUGHES Lionel Murray 2nd Lieut 44935 NZRB 27Mar1918
HUGHES Matthew Rifleman 62573 NZRB 06Apr1918
HULLTEN John Gustave Rifleman 21017 NZRB 30Mar1918
HUNT Robert Herman Walter Thomas Rifleman 53020 NZRB 05Apr1918
HUNTER Albert William Private 10837 NZCB 17Apr1918
HUNTER Andrew Private 38026 WlgReg 16Apr1918
HUNTER Daniel Joseph Private 24016 AklReg 30Mar1918
HUNTINGTON Stanley Hustler 2nd Lieut 44550 NZRB 06Apr1918
HURLEY James Gravers Corporal 26/812 NZEB 17Apr1918
HUTT William Frederick Corporal 47338 CantReg 28Mar1918
HYSLOP James Robb Private 49190 OtagoReg 10Apr1918
IRVINE Joseph Sinclair L/Sergeant 26/819 NZRB 29Mar1918
IRVING Charles Sergeant 23/463 NZRB 05Apr1918
IZETT Andrew Sigurd Rifleman 53500 NZRB 05Apr1918
JACKSON John Rifleman 31287 NZRB 29Mar1918
JACKSON John Kenneth Edward Lieutenant 10/395 WlgReg 28Mar1918
JAMES Cecil Roy Private 60132 AklReg 30Mar1918
JAMIESON John Gideon Sergeant 26/454 NZRB 30Mar1918
JEFFERY James Bevington Private 39245 OtagoReg 28Apr1918
JENKINS James Private 56931 OtagoReg 01Apr1918
JENKINS William Robert L/Corporal 24175 NZMGC 05Apr1918
JENSEN Christoffer Private 27903 WlgReg 27Mar1918
JOHNSON Charles Stephen Bombardier 2/273 NZFA 31Mar1918
JOHNSTON Alfred Henry L/Corporal 32955 NZRB 05Apr1918
JOHNSTON Edward Coslett (MM) L/Corporal 31293 WlgReg 03Apr1918
JOHNSTON John Driver 9/1876 NZFA 05Apr1918
JOHNSTON Robert Norries L/Corporal 3/1168 NZMC 06Apr1918
JONES Arthur David Rifleman 44288 NZRB 29Mar1918
JONES Daniel William Gunner 13/2454 NZFA 05Apr1918
JONES William Private 10/3616 WlgReg 16Apr1918
JOYCE Thomas Private 32858 OtagoReg 15Apr1918
JUNO William Henry Phillip Private 27908 CantReg 27Mar1918
KARA Taha Private 16/937 NZMB 05Apr1918
KATTERSON James Rifleman 54644 NZRB 02Apr1918
KAY Stanley Angus (MM) Sergeant 9/1695 NZMGC 27Mar1918
KEANE George William Rifleman 26629 NZRB 31Mar1918
KEARNEY John Charles Rifleman 45700 NZRB 29Mar1918
KEARNEY Leslie George Private 27306 NZEB 16Apr1918
KEARNEY Michael Rifleman 53788 NZRB 05Apr1918
KEEN William Private 43990 CantReg 21Apr1918
KEIG John Private 10356 NZMGC 05Apr1918
KELEHER John Joseph Private 44387 NZEB 29Apr1918
KELL Frank Archibald Private 40577 AklReg 27Mar1918
KELLAND Charles Cornish Private 27307 CantReg 28Apr1918
KELLY Stephen Henry Private 44740 AklReg 27Mar1918
KELSALL George Henry Private 60138 AklReg 30Mar1918
KENDALL John Thomas Sergeant 8/3304 OtagoReg 05Apr1918
KENNEDY Albert Francis Private 55505 CantReg 05Apr1918
KENNEDY Samuel Rifleman 39058 NZRB 06Apr1918
KERMODE Bert Gunner 7/1858 NZFA 18Apr1918
KERR Walter George Rifleman 13040 NZRB 28Mar1918
KIBBLEWHITE Edward Private 43991 NZEB 17Apr1918
KIELY Robert Dale Corporal 44123 NZRB 29Mar1918
KIELY Thomas Rifleman 47152 NZRB 29Mar1918
KINAHAN Edwin Rifleman 42125 NZRB 26Mar1918
KING Arthur Frederick Private 58545 CantReg 28Mar1918
KING Arthur William Rifleman 59126 NZRB 05Apr1918
KING George Walter Ernest Private 60141 NZEB 29Apr1918
KING John Smyth Private 48859 NZEB 14Apr1918
KING Thomas Rifleman 35169 NZRB 30Mar1918
KIRCHER Cecil Smart Private 55510 NZEB 14Apr1918
KIRK Edward William Private 7/1372 CantReg 07Apr1918
KITTO Herbert Francis Private 8/3658 OtagoReg 28Mar1918
KITTOW Otho Jonathan Private 33561 NZLTMB 30Mar1918
KLINK Charles Ambrose L/Corporal 25890 NZRB 27Mar1918
KNAPPING Christopher John Private 30817 AklReg 30Mar1918
KNIGHT Norman Raglan (MM) Corporal 31302 WlgReg 16Apr1918
KONUKE Pat Private 16/552 NZMB 14Apr1918
KUPLI Manfred Rifleman 55979 NZRB 29Mar1918
LACEY Edward Rifleman 52844 NZRB 13Apr1918
LAFFEY John Timothy Rifleman 15921 NZRB 29Mar1918
LAIDLAW Arthur Frederick 2nd Lieut 35642 AklReg 27Mar1918
LAING James Duncan Corporal 32862 NZRB 30Mar1918
LAIRD Charles William Private 13771 AklReg 02Apr1918
LAND Alfred Frederick Rifleman 31418 NZRB 26Mar1918
LANG William Private 40338 AklReg 27Mar1918
LARNACH Magnus James Corporal 38840 AklReg 26Mar1918
LAVERTY James Rifleman 47043 NZRB 30Mar1918
LAVIN Andrew Mark Gunner 50882 NZFA 31Mar1918
LAWSON Clifford Peter Corporal 10/2671 WlgReg 30Mar1918
LAWTON Norman Alexander L/Corporal 21031 NZRB 29Mar1918
LAY Harold George Private 20541 WlgReg 16Apr1918
LE ROY Gordon L/Corporal 48772 NZEB 16Apr1918
LEAH Henry Lawson L/Corporal 12209 NZRB 29Mar1918
LEASK Peter Fraser Private 64645 CantReg 14Apr1918
LEEN John Edward Private 63354 AklReg 10Apr1918
LEES Henry John L/Corporal 15925 NZRB 27Mar1918
LEMMER Adolf Julius Gunner 2/2859 NZFA 06Apr1918
LENNOX Eric L/Corporal 21701 CantReg 23Apr1918
LEWIS Andrew Jonathan Private 29423 WlgReg 29Mar1918
LEWIS Samuel Eldridge Lieutenant 22906 NZRB 05Apr1918
LEYS James Robert Ruxton Captain 15/557A OtagoReg 17Apr1918
LIDDELL Vernard Clifton Gunner 2/2667 NZFA 24Apr1918
LIDDELL William Private 55765 OtagoReg 12Apr1918
LINDBOM Albert William Corporal 39440 NZEB 14Apr1918
LISSAMAN Alaric Disraeli Private 23401 AklReg 30Mar1918
LOCKE John Edward Rifleman 26/113 NZRB 28Mar1918
LOCKSTONE Reginald Hunter Ward Gunner 10620 NZFA 08Apr1918
LOFTUS William Jackson Sapper 26640 NZEB 29Mar1918
LONGNEY Graham John Private 64538 NZEB 16Apr1918
LOVE David L/Corporal 26/1632 NZRB 02Apr1918
LOVELL William George L/Corporal 64539 NZEB 16Apr1918
LOWENDALE Erik Private 13943 OtagoReg 11Apr1918
LOWTHER Albert Edward Rifleman 12/2019 NZRB 02Apr1918
LUCAS George Robert L/Corporal 11892 WlgReg 30Mar1918
LUPTON Frederick Corporal 28742 AklReg 18Apr1918
LUSTY Felix Matthew Private 38294 NZEB 14Apr1918
LYONS George Matthew Rifleman 48976 NZRB 29Mar1918
LYONS John Mitchell Private 60954 CantReg 28Mar1918
LYONS Thomas Private 41406 NZMGC 08Apr1918

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